Jon Ortiz, Business Writer, Columnist, The State Worker
The Sacramento Bee


When I was 10, I put down my Spider-man comics and picked up Time Magazine, drawn by the spectacle of Watergate.

By the time I was attending Lindhurst High School in Marysville, I was hooked on The Sacramento Bee and entertained the notion of going into journalism.

But life had other plans. A series of family crises meant I had to work instead of going to Berkeley or Columbia or NYU.

Then I met my future wife, got married, assumed a mortgage and completely killed any chance of fulfilling my dream. Or so I thought.

I did get to go back to school, but first I spent several years in the medical equipment supply business while my wife, Devonne, earned a nursing degree.

My dream was almost forgotten when I bought the business from my employer in 1997, and tried to shoehorn myself into the role of businessman.

Meanwhile, Devonne graduated and established her career as an cardiac intensive care nurse.

By 2001 I'd quickly had my fill of running a business on thin margins and undependable employees, I turned the business over to my partners and want to school at Sac State.

I double majored in political science and journalism, won the 2002 SiOC Scholarship and graduated with honors in 2003.

I started at The Bee one week after I graduated. I was a few months from my 41st birthday.

Devonne and I live in Galt with our kids, Laine, 4, and Sam, 2.